I’m a freelance 1st AD working in independent film in the UK, in the sector which would most readily be described as ‘Guerilla filmmaking’. I’ve mostly been working on short films and music videos, and I’m gradually moving into low budget feature films.  My focus right now is to move into more mainstream, professional filmmaking, and I am set on making this a reality.  This so called Guerilla Filmmaking is simply riddled with problems from start to finish and it’s no surprise what a small percentage of these projects ever see the light of day with a sales or distribution deal.

The reason I’ve decided to start this blog is to look into the realities of this type of filmmaking and to explore typical problems that come up on set. It’s also intended to look at the pros and cons of the British film industry at this level, and to discuss pay and working conditions.  So many people, especially those working on the other side of the industry, (ie in distribution, sales, development etc) don’t even realise this type of filmmaking really exists in the UK.  People like to refer to it simply as independent film – which is exceptionally misleading as pretty much every British film is an independent film now. Or they like to refer to it as ‘low budget independent film’, anything at all to avoid using the term ‘Guerilla film’ because it has such negative, unprofessional connotations.  This is probably the only time I’ll ever use that term in the whole blog, because I loathe it for much the same reasons.

I hope you enjoy the blog and do feel free to comment on any of the posts as it would be great to hear other people’s views on the topics discussed.


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